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I’m a Senior Graphic Designer with an obsession for building memorable brand identities and solving problems through creativity.

I have a wealth of knowledge, with over 13 years creating and evolving tech brands, as well as crafting designs to attract audiences in various industries, including; agency, retail, hospitality, and non-profit.

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Black Design Circle

Founder of global design community

According to The Design Council less than 2% of black graphic designers are in senior positions. With so much talent in the black community this statistic shouldn’t be the case, so I’ve decided to be part of the solution.

This is why I founded the Black Design Circle, an online community that connects black graphic designers with learning, mentoring, and job opportunities.

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Demi Harper creative podcaster
Demi harper brand designer

Workshop Facilitator
& Speaker

As a creative educator I’ve made it my goal to help creatives pursue their passion. This is why I hold workshops for underrepresented communities in the creative industry.

Topics I cover include; branding, graphic design, and creativity. To book me for your next event, simply tap the button below or email me at hello@demiharper.com.

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