Designer by day, podcaster by night

I use creativity to express myself and solve the most unique problems.
How do I do this?

Who am I?

I’m a London based designer with a passion for great ideas. I've worked in various marketing teams and organisations over the course of my career. dabbling in almost everything, from print to digital. My experience comes in handy when I’m working with companies both big and small who want to launch a service or product. I love to use my creativity to solve big problems.

HElping creatives pursue their passion

I use my experience to help creatives and entrepreneurs pursue their passion. Whether you need a unique visual identity or just a nudge in the right direction, I'm here to help you out.

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Creative coaching for entrepreneurs.

Speaking and teaching

I use my experience as a creative and a designer in today's world to bring a fresh perspective to my community. I love to teach, so I often provide workshops that teach creatives relevant tools to do what they do best, such as; Adobe Creative Suite, design fundamentals, and more.

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The Unstuck Podcast

My bi-weekly podcast where I share my experiences as a creative in today's world, and speak to amazing guests who are making a difference in the world around them. If you're looking for inspiration as well as great tools to pursue your passion, then this is the podcast for you!


Brand Clarity

A brand clarity session call goes a long way. I will help you position your brand and develop unique characteristics. My process is interactive, engaging, and you’re guaranteed to discover what makes your idea different from the rest.

Happy Clients

My 1-1 session with Demi is definitely one of the most stimulating things I’ve done in a while. I listen to Demi’s podcast interviews so I thought I knew what to expect, but actually doing it for yourself? It’s intense! His delivery approach is very thought provoking yet relaxed at the same time. Seeking advice from somebody who’s in the same field as you can be difficult, as you’re opening yourself up to vulnerability. However with Demi’s session I know the advice & support is genuine. Looking forward to working with him again :)

Montelle - Digital Content Creator and Coach

My session with Demi was extremely insightful. I think when you build a brand it’s easy to just continue going, but talking with Demi helped me to stop and reflect on how well my brand aligned with my values (which are constantly evolving). He was super easy to talk to and his session provided a space for both evaluating my brand as it currently stands and  setting intentions for it moving forward. If you’re keen to build a brand that aligns with your values and speaks to your target audience, Demi is definitely your go to.

Mayfair Clements - Writer, Coach and Speaker