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Hi! I'm Demi

I’m a brand strategist and coach who helps creative entrepreneurs pursue their passion and launch effective ideas. After many years in the design industry, my goal is to empower creatives like you to make an impact by doing what they love. Are you passionate about something and want to discover how to position yourself as an expert? I’ve got your back.

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My session with Demi was extremely insightful. I think when you build a brand it’s easy to just continue going, but talking with Demi helped me to stop and reflect on how well my brand aligned with my values (which are constantly evolving). He was super easy to talk to and his session provided a space for both evaluating my brand as it currently stands and  setting intentions for it moving forward. If you’re keen to build a brand that aligns with your values and speaks to your target audience, Demi is definitely your go to.

Mayfair Ngondonga - Author, Mindset Coach and Speaker

Digital Design and BRanding

I have a passion for designing websites, logos, and visual identities for businesses and entrepreneurs. Your brand image is important, which is why I go through an extensive process to give you what’s right for your business.

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Do you knit sweaters for kittens? Do you love to blog about weird food? Do you help people get in shape? Whatever you do, you need to know what sets you apart from everyone else.

A brand clarity phone call will position you to build a strong and successful brand.

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