Building confident creatives

When I started my journey, I found myself flying solo without any support. That's why I've become the mentor I wished I had back then, supporting aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs on their path. I use the experiences and wisdom gained throughout my career to nurture a community of confident and self-aware creatives.

Keynote Speaker, Workshop Host and Panel Expert
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Keynote speaker, workshop host, branding panel expert

I cover a range of topics, including; branding, design, and creativity

Master your personal brand
Learn how to create a brand that connects with your ideal target audience

How to Attract your
first customer
Discover effective strategies to turn your prospects into paying customers

How to get unstuck in your business & Career
Reclaim your power when you get stuck with these effective strategies

Becoming the hero
of your story
Great brands have great stories. Find out what makes you the hero of yours


“Very insightful, interactive and eye-opening. The workshop helped me understand the importance of branding and the different ways to build a brand that represent its values and purpose.”
Alpha Barrie, One Take Media

“Your session was great and as a team we all learned a lot and all came away with things to think about. I really enjoyed working with you and would love to do so again.”
Lorna Cadogan, The Diverse Creative

"This was my favourite zoom workshop ever, it was enjoyable and eye opening"
Creative Shift Masterclass

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The Black Design Circle is a global community that was founded to support the career development of black graphic designers. This is achieved by providing opportunities for skill-building, mentoring, and networking with others in the industry.

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An interactive, fun workshop where teams learn the fundamentals of branding and apply it to their own businesses or workplace. This workshop is great for both small and large groups who want to learn creative problem solving skills.
Here's a taster of the workshop in action.

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Demi Harper podcast

The Demi Harper Podcast

I run a podcast where I offer practical advice to creatives who want to pursue their passion. I bring on guests from different areas to tell their story to bring you value so that you can apply the knowledge to your own personal journey.

The Demi Harper Podcast is available on Apple, Spotify and SoundCloud