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Keynote speaker, workshop host, branding panel expert

Creative clarity coaching

A course that helps creatives get clear on their offering and turn their passion into profit.
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Creative coaching for entrepreneurs.

"Every child is born an artist, the problem is how to remain one once we grow up"
Pablo Picasso

Entrepreneurs brainstorming and learning creative skills.

What is creative clarity coaching?

Creative clarity coaching is the process of using creativity to help bring clarity in your career. The course helps creative entrepreneurs define their core offering and build a profitable business while doing what they love.

What's in the course?

Find your personal brand

Discover your strengths and unique characteristics that make you stand out from the crowd.

Build your ideal audience

Don't gain followers, build a tribe! Get to know your ideal community and discover new ways to connect with them.

Get paid for your skill

Define your audience pain-points and a way to solve them (while getting paid for it!).

Creative workshop for entrepreneurs.

Creative coaching is for you if...

A. You're a creative entrepreneur that's started a business, but you know you're not operating as effectively as you could be.

B. You're a business owner or part of a team that could benefit from team building and learning new creative skills along the way.

Benefits of creative coaching

  • Take your passion and turn it into a service or product that gets you paid.
  • Find your purpose so that you can pursue it confidently.
  • Build an engaged team that is in sync with your vision and values.
  • Discover your unique strengths and apply them to areas of your career and life.
  • Reclaim your creativity through self-discovery.
  • Learn about the latest tools in creative thinking and how to use them in your work and lifestyle.
Entrepreneur getting coached and writing notes.
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About me

After many years working in the design industry, I've made it my goal to help creatives pursue their passion and make a living doing the things they love. Whether it's on social media, my podcast, or on a blog post, my mission is to give people the knowledge and tools they need to achieve greatness.

Demi Harper creative coach.


My 1-1 session with Demi is definitely one of the most stimulating things I’ve done in a while. I listen to Demi’s podcast interviews so I thought I knew what to expect, but actually doing it for yourself? It’s intense! His delivery approach is very thought provoking yet relaxed at the same time. Seeking advice from somebody who’s in the same field as you can be difficult, as you’re opening yourself up to vulnerability. However with Demi’s session I know the advice and support is genuine. Looking forward to working with him again :)
Montelle B - Digital Content Creator and Coach

The branding workshop was very insightful, interactive and eye-opening. I got to work with the other attendees to create our brand to then present back to the group, which was an enjoyable experience. The workshop helped me understand the importance of branding and the different ways to build a brand that represents its values and purpose.
Alpha Barrie - OneTake Media

The consultation opened my eyes to many thiings I hadn't even begun to think about. It helped me get unstuck, clarify my idea and get excited about it all over again. I can't believe I didn'tt do this earlier! Thank you Demi for such a great session.
Naomi Mensah - Founder of Auditious Women

Demi put on an absolutely phenomenal workshop for over 40 members of our youth. Over a year on and our youth members are still talking about how much they enjoyed it. We were initially worried about how effective delivering a workshop to such a wide scope of ages would be as our event covered ages 11 - 25, but Demi pulled it off with ease and kept every single person engaged! We definitely look forward to what else he has to offer and will definitely maintain a relationship with him!
Deborah Oyenuga - Youth of the Covenant

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Build-a-Brand Creative Workshops

My workshops are designed to help teams and organisations solve big problems. In these sessions, I demonstrate how branding can be used to build powerful ideas and solutions. Build-a-Brand is intense, but highly enjoyable, for small teams and large groups. You and your team will leave equipped with new problem solving tools to take into your workplace.

Watch the video below for a preview of the workshop!

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Other Topics that I cover

Coca-cola branding.

Fundamentals of branding

I've compiled my knowledge into an interactive session that gives a clear understanding of what it means to have a good brand.

Good logo design.

What is good design?

Design is all about solving problems. Find out how design helps shape the world around us.

Adobe Illustrator logo.

Logo design with Adobe Illustrator

I love designing logos, and Adobe Illustrator is my go-to tool. Learn from my design process with my intensive logo design workshop.

Demi Harper podcast

The Demi Harper Podcast

I run a podcast where I offer practical advice to creatives who want to pursue their passion. I bring on guests from different areas to tell their story to bring you value so that you can apply the knowledge to your own personal journey.

The Demi Harper Podcast is available on Apple, Spotify and SoundCloud