As an experienced designer, I enjoy speaking to entrepreneurs about my story and how design can help add value to what you do. I cover various topics, such as; logo design, branding, creativity, and entrepreneurship. As part of my mission, I believe that I have a duty to impart knowledge to aspiring creatives and equip them with what they need in order to succeed.

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Build-a-Brand Workshop

Build-a-Brand is an intensive workshop designed to teach you the fundamentals of branding. It’s a fun and interactive session where you get to practically apply creative techniques to your business idea. The workshop covers; what branding is, how to profile your target audience, developing characteristics, and much more. This is a great team-building exercise for small and large groups.

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The Demi Harper Podcast

I run a podcast where I offer practical advice to creatives who want to pursue their passion. I bring on guests from different areas to tell their story to bring you value so that you can apply the knowledge to your own personal journey.

The Demi Harper Podcast is available on Apple, Spotify and SoundCloud