Freedom's Ark

BRanding and UI Design
Project Overview
Freedom’s Ark is a family church based in North London and a charity with a history of community engagement, helping to tackle issues such as; food poverty, mental health, and knife crime. The organisation was in need of a new brand to capture their vision and bring them to the modern day.
My Contributions
Not only did I deliver a brand new logo for the church, I also gave them a fresh brand identity, with a new colour scheme and visual language. I provided Freedom’s Ark with graphic elements, and a strategy for digital content, including; an updated CMS website, YouTube channel, email newsletter, and social media templates.
It’s not always clear what you need at the start of a project. A rebrand isn’t necessarily a new logo or identity. I prioritised understanding the community before delivering the rebrand, as the organisation is centered around the needs of people and the variety they bring to the world around them. We unpacked the characteristics of Freedom’s Ark, down to the tone of voice. This allowed us to come up with a brand that complemented their history and direction.
My Approach