Mothercare Weaning Event

Landing Page UI Design
Project Overview
At mothercare there are various events that take place across the website. These events gave more exposure to great promotions and new products. The weaning event offered a look at the top products and tips to ensure that customers babies transition from liquids to solids tantrum-free!
The weaning event brought with it the opportunity to make use of the creative assets provided to us by mothercare. We had a good time using the colour palette and images. We made sure that the design was playful, however, we still followed the mothercare guidelines, so it was still familiar.
As the majority of websites are viewed on mobile devices, it was important to intentionally design the mobile layout first and let that determine the user journey. We worked with the UX team at mothercare to make sure that the design was optimised for the viewfinder without compromising on the quality of the content.In order to reduce the scroll on the landing page, we used carousels where possible to show the products, which can be swiped left and right.
My Approach