Mothercare Yvolution

Landing Page Design
Project Overview
Yvolution is a provider of award-winning Balance Bikes, Scooters and Flikers. The design team was tasked with creating a landing page to showcase their latest products, while using the strict mothercare guidelines.
We wanted to design a page that complimented the brand of Yvolution without breaking the mothercare rules. This mean that we had to keep both the brand and our client happy. We designed and built a landing page that made use of some of the latest web design trends.

We added a banner with a looping video in the background, with the Yvolution logo imposed on top. This made the page engaging from the moment the visitor landed on it. We also made use of parallax backgrounds, and transitions for the products when they came into the viewfinder.

The landing page was responsive for various device sizes, including; desktop, mobile and tablet.
My Approach