Trading 4 Life

Logo Design and Identity
Project Overview
Trading 4 Life is an initiative that was formed to help young people in Haringey, North London get into trading. I was brought in to help develop the idea and come up with a visual representation of the brand.
My Contributions
As I sat with those involved in the project, we explained that T4L isn’t about trading. Understandably, people were a little confused. I then went on to say that trading is the result of whatever T4L represents. If the project was on a journey, then trading is the vehicle to get to the end goal. The project is about changing lives, so I wanted to show this in the design.
My Approach
I was determined not to design a logo that was boring. Keeping the target audience in mind, I designed something that was a pleasure to look at and could stand beside other modern logos.

The logo is made up of the initials of the company. I felt that using any corporate font wouldn’t hit home with the target audience, therefore I created the text by hand and vectorised it. Even though the project is targeted at young people, I still wanted it to have the right message. Therefore, the letters connect in a way that is reminiscent of the lines on a graph.

I tried several different colours for the T4L logo. After many experiments I settled for a palette that was high in contrast, representing youthful energy. I also thought that this would look great on the corporate identity, and other products that might come with it.

It was important to show how the logo would appear on different mediums. Therefore, I created the following examples of the logo applied to various contexts, including; posters, business cards, cups and more.